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Main points about community

What is Investor Seer?

Investor seer is a community of users, investors, entrepreneurs, sellers and professionals in their fields. 

The core values of Investor seer are learning and maximizing the security
of investing in businesses, thus giving Investor Seer community the opportunity and full assistance to set and achieve their financial goals. Investor Seer is not a financial institution, and does not give financial advise or guarantee profits for its members, thus it is community of likeminded people, who give rewards to each other in Loyalty points (LP) earned or bought from Investor Seer.

Only legal entities or individual entrepreneurs can become business members of the community. When registering business account at Investor seer system legal entities indicates their goods and services, as well as what commision the member can offer to the community.

All business members automatically become members of the community loyalty system and gain the opportunity to earn loyalty points for activity in the community. Also business members have the right to participate in special trainings, events and VIP contact parties.

However the main mission of Investor Seer is to build a sustainable entertainment city – Funlandas, where everything will be sold for Investor Seer Loyalty points (LP), this is one of the main marketplaces for Investor Seer memebers to exchange LP into products or services.


Investor Seer focus on sharing

What are Loyalty Points?

Investor Seer is developing a sharing economy in which Loyalty Points are used to calculate the value and contribution of community members.

Loyalty Points can be earned for activity in the community, or can be bought from the Investor Seer system.

When acquired Loyalty Points gives members access to community assets that include all the products and services in Funlandas, including luxury cars, boats, villas and offices. In addition, community members are encouraged to exchange their products and services between them and use Investor Seer LP points to calculate their product/service price for other members.

Business members have several ways to earn Loyalty Points.

  •  Recommend the services or goods from other members and receive a commission paid by the recommended member.
  • Set up their own business or provide services in Funlandas.
  • Attract prospective buyers or investors to the community or Funlandas and get commission for the attraction.
  • Attract businesses and service providers who will operate in Funlandas.
  • Sell products or services in the Investor Seer marketplace.
Become part of the community

Become a volunteer

Contribute your skills to community and in exchange you will earn Loyalty Points that you will be able to spend in Funlandas.

We believe you have a skill to contribute in order to create a better future together. Help us build a sustainable entertainment city – Funlandas that will return the favor to you, as you will be able to use the services and get the products for Loyalty Points you earn.


Join Investor Seer

Investor Seer – unique marketing system, that encourages small and medium business grow with the help of comunity, by recomending each other.

Each business that sign up to the system becomes an affiliate for other members and receives hundreds of affiliates for own business

Contribute to build

Think of it as a donation. You donate to the comunity today in exchange of future services and goods that you will get for the loyalty points you receive today.

The earlier you join the bigger impact you make, that is why you get more points for your euro.

Get Involved

As we are building a new sustainable city we are in need in of specialists in all fields, starting from architects and finishing with construction companies from all fields, Or future service providers. Look at this as exchanging your services to whatever you need in the near future.