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In 2020 Investor Seer changed as we had to close business club and its weekly meetings as COVID-19 changed the world immediately.

Given that COVID and other pandemics will surprise the world for difficult-to-predict time, Investor Seer is transforming from a business club into a marketing and discount system whose primary goal will be to finance the construction of the entertainment city – Funlandas by Investor Seer with the help of LP points.

From 2021 LP points will gain a variable value, which will be determined by the number of points in the market.

The price will increase everytime the 2,500,000 LP lot is distributed, starting price for first LP lot is 0,35€ without VAT.
The initial distribution stated in 2021 FEB 1 and everyone willing to participate in this lot are able to visit Investor Seer system, register and purchase Loyalty Points for this price. Legal entities or individual enterpreneurs who buy 5000 LP become a Business member in Investor Seer and earn LP points in several forms of activities:

1. Commision for marketing up to 25% from the income generated

2. Recommendations of other member products or services

3. Opening their Business in Funlandas

4. Sell their service/product for LP

Volunteering for the community

By becomming a volunteer person exchanges his skills for the good of community and earns Loyalty Points in that way he gains asset, that can be exchanged in all the services or products in the Investor Seer community market or Funlandas entertainment city.

Funlandas the economy

Our goal is to build a sustainable entertainment city, everyone would love to live in. As we are building a new city from scratch we need huge ammounts of investments and help to build it. This is why we understand, that the first people who donates money or their skills and efforts for this cause makes the biggest impact to the city and the community, that is why we decided that the LP point must have increasing value in time.

Where are a lot of companies in the world that use such model for creating their assets or crypto tokens, and where were a lot of ICO with big promises and no fullfilment as there was no use of the token or coin itself. In our case we consider it a donation for the cause of building this city, and LP points – a measure of persons or legal entities impact to the city. However we give our guaranty, that all donators, volunteers or businesses will be able to spend their LP points in the Funlandas city, or sell their LP points in the point market, which is planed to be built after 5 Lots of LP points are fully distributed.