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Project for sale

We are looking for buyers of Funlandas or 100ha land

The idea of Funlandas in Lithuania was destroyed by one famous influencer Skirmantas Malinauskas. In two years we did not manage to collect any money for this purpose.

This is why we are looking for a buyer of land or the full project.


What we sell:

  • 50ha plain land. This land can also be used for building sustainable energy farm (solar 40MW or wind ) as the land is located next to Litgrid lines.
  • 47,5ha forest
  • 4ha lake, next to a chanel
  • 2 old buildings and 2 ruins of buildings
  • The idea and plans how to build it fast
  • We can also give the buyer to use our platform for crypto sales and transactions
  • Asking price will be defined to serious buyer.

In the fast-paced modern world, we are creating a place to slow down. A new sustainable city with all the entertainment you can think of.

Our plans are postponed because in 2 years there were no participants willing to invest in the project


  • Funlandas Safari Park – 50ha open zoo for animals, that people will be able to visit and feed with special transport.
  • 10 glass wall villas with safari views and private pools, that will be able to live in even during pandemia
  •  Entertainment city – Children’s playground for children under 10 years: wooden houses, paved roads, where children will be able to drive electric cars and walk on the sidewalks.
  • Driving school – here children will get their driving licenses, to make sure that a 2-year-old child can drive in the Entertainment city 🙂
  • Trampolines for children (inflatable) – the largest park in the Baltics
  • Airsoft arena
  • Paintball arena
  • Gondola rides in watter canals 
Planed to build till 2025, the date will change as project is postponed

The vision of Funlandas
in 2025 - Postponed

Our plans were postponed because there are no participants willing to invest in the project

  • Amusement park up to 10 years (carousels, trains, swings)
  • Amusement park 10 years +
  • Tennis courts (sbr / epdm pellets)
  • Basketball courts (sbr / epdm pellets)
  • Volleyball courts
  • The maze
  • Mini buildings (world) park
  • Theme parks for pirates, aliens, castles and more
  • SPA complex
  • Restaurant / café area
  • Park souvenir / toy stores
  • Baby spa
  • Orphanage with toys, development tables, milk heaters
  • Cottage for girls with doll furniture and clothes
  • Skate park
  • Kindergarten
  • ATV moto track
  • Ecological / educational farm
  • Adults only area
  • Boho style district with hotel
  • Stone / wood gym
  • And some surprises for you

We Save Wildlife

We will be the first place in Lithuania to breed the animals and let them live in big safari.

Protect Organic Farms

Only organic food will be grown in Funlandas city farms

Ensure People Helth

By providing organic food in Funlandas restaurants and hotels.

Recycling is the Answer

We will be recycling all the waste and watter, and use only renewable energy in Funlandas city

We are on a mission to create a concept of a city where everyone will love to live in harmony with nature.

Some ways you can help

Join Investor Seer

Investor Seer – unique marketing system, that encourages small and medium business grow with the help of comunity, by recomending each other.

Each business that sign up to the system becomes an affiliate for other members and receives hundreds of affiliates for own business

Contribute to build

Think of it as a donation. You donate to the comunity today in exchange of future services and goods that you will get for the loyalty points you receive today.

The earlier you join the bigger impact you make, that is why you get more points for your euro.

Get Involved

As we are building a new sustainable city we are in need in of specialists in all fields, starting from architects and finishing with construction companies from all fields, Or future service providers. Look at this as exchanging your services to whatever you need in the near future.